We offer complete services for our customers so that you can use your time wisely and trust that problems will be solved.

Residential Window Cleaning

I Do Windows offers residential window cleaning services to all size and manner of home in the Okanagan area. Whether it is part of your seasonal or annual home maintenance regime, or for a one time service, please contact us for a free estimate.

While at your home we will:

• Clean all specified windows including window frames and screens

• Protect floors and furniture using drop cloths

• Move furniture and window coverings from the work area

• Ensure all ladders are padded to protect both interior and exterior building surfaces

• Outside, we will carefully negotiate around all delicate landscaping to prevent damage

Commercial Window Cleaning

In business, first impressions are very important. I Do Windows offers year round, routine window cleaning services to all types of commercial businesses in the Okanagan area. The frequency of our services can be weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, seasonally or we can create a customized schedule to meet your specific needs. For more information, or for a free estimate, please contact us.

Working at your place of business, we will:

• Clean all specified windows including window frames and door frames

• Ensure public safety by ensuring all equipment and material is safely out of harms way

• When necessary, the use of signage may be used to alert the public of any potential hazard

• After the completion of the job, we will ensure that the area is clear of all hazards (ie. Water on the floor) in order that the public can safely resume use of the area

Gutter and Downspout Cleaning

I Do Windows has the experience and equipment to safely and thoroughly clean your home or business’ entire rain gutter system. In most cases this service can be included with the window cleaning service at a reduced rate. Please call us for more information or a free estimate. We also do repairs such as corner repairs, re-sloping, downspout additions, rain gutter covers and rebracketing.

When performing a gutter cleaning service, we will:

• Remove all debris from the roof, gutter and downspout either by hand or by forced air

• Ensure that all the gutters and downspouts will flow unrestricted

• Clean up the surrounding grounds of any gutter debris and dispose of as directed

Pressure Washing

I Do Windows has top of the line pressure washing equipment to deal with all situations for both residential and commercial work.

We Pressure Wash:

• Fences

• Building exterior

• Siding

• Driveways

• Walkways

• Paved patios

• Concrete floors

• Stained garage floors

• Decks and pool decks

• Tile and grout

• Commercial facilities

• Residential washing

• And even more!

Other Services

In addition to window and gutter cleaning services, I Do Windows offers other related services.


• High dusting and wall washing

• Chandelier, light fixture and ceiling fan cleaning

• Mirror cleaning

• Exterior cleaning of siding, exterior gutters, soffit and facia

• Height related services (ie. Small repairs, change of light bulbs etc.)